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My name is LanaC. I am a dog lover. I grew up with dogs. There was always a dog in my house all throughout my childhood, right up until I left for college. The dog I remember the most and who was with us the longest was our Great Dane Bluesette. She was a lovable, gentle giant. The entire neighborhood loved her.

For many years I was unable to have a dog due to living arrangements and I felt like there was a piece missing from my life. When I was able to have a dog, I decided to become a foster parent. Over time, I have welcomed several doggies into my home and was able to provide the shelter with valuable info about them as well as get my warm and fuzzy K9 fix.

Fostering is a great way to “try out” a dog (haha) in order to observe and experience different breeds, personalities and sizes. You don’t get to choose the dog per se, you take home the dog(s) that needs you and that you think you can handle.

The need for fosters is great. Dogs come to shelters from all over the U.S. for various reasons such as, an abusive situation, neglect or a surrender due to an owner passing away or getting older or simply becoming unable to care for the dog anymore.

The purpose of the foster home is to give the dog a quiet place to recover from surgery for example, and to have someone give them their meds throughout the day. Other foster needs may be to simply gather information about the dog for the potential adopter such as, whether they get along with other dogs, whether they get along with children or simply how they do in a home (for those strays picked up off the streets.)


I want to help people who may be looking to buy a dog, to be informed about various dog breeds in order to help them figure out what the best breed is for them. I also want to help shed some light, for current dog owners, as to why our dogs do some of the things they do.

It’s good to know what traits are common to certain breeds, whether it’s a health concern to watch out for or a propensity toward a certain behavior.

I’ve learned some things about the dogs I’ve had that I wish someone would have told me about ahead of time. Things like health issues and behavior traits. Knowing these things may have saved me some heart-aches as well as some headaches.
I also want to help those that choose to take home a rescue to know, based on the breed mix they have what kind of behaviors they may expect to see.


I created this website because I love dogs and I want to connect with others who share my passion for these floppy-eared, drooly, lovable, loyal and sometimes goofy creatures.

Dogs add so much warmth, laughter, companionship and overall richness to our lives. However, I’ve come to understand the older I get, that not everyone feels the way I do. Not everyone treats dogs with the respect and love they deserve. I believe that dogs are too often misunderstood and undervalued.

I hope that through this website and through the conversations that will take place here I can do my part in bringing a greater understanding to these creatures that God himself created in order to bring us joy.

All the best,



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    • Thank you. It’s a work in progress. More content is on the way. I would have to say I’m partial to the Great Dane, having grown up with one. I am very tall so I like big dogs. 🙂

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