Pet Grooming Gloves review – Better than brushing?

Does your dog run from you when it’s time for grooming? Maybe it’s the tool you are using to groom him with. There are many combs and brushes out there that are very good and work very well for a lot of pets. However, investing in the right grooming tool for your dog can make a world of difference. In this article, I will tell you about The Pet Grooming Glove. I will tell you how it works as well as the opinions of various pet owners who’ve tried it. You will be able to decide for yourself whether The Pet Grooming Glove is the right grooming tool for your dog by the time I’m through. I will also let you know the best place to purchase it if you decide to invest at this time.

What is a Grooming Glove

A grooming glove is made of plastic, rubber or silicone with small bristle-like nubs attached to the palm and fingers. They are stitched to a mesh glove. The mesh provides breathability to the glove.


Some companies make a glove for one hand only and other companies make a glove for each hand and package them together. Be careful to pay attention to what the company you are buying from is offering. Also, pay attention to know whether they are selling a glove for the right hand or the left hand. The gloves usually are sold as “One Size Fits Most,” but there are a few companies that offer different sizes. They usually come with a velcro strap which helps to secure the glove to your wrist.

How it Works

It works by simply petting your dog. As you pet your dog (in the direction of his fur’s growth) the nubs on the glove gently pull the loose hairs out and trap them between the nubs of the glove. When finished just lift the hair off and throw it away.

Benefits of Using The Pet Grooming Glove

Brushing your dog’s coat is a necessity, especially for long-haired dogs, to keep the hairs from becoming matted. There are many short-haired breed dogs who don’t need to be brushed as often. However, brushing your dog’s hair has several benefits. First, brushing your dog’s hair stimulates the natural oils in the dog’s skin and brings them to the surface. This results in a shiny, silky coat, as well as healthier skin. Using the glove is also beneficial for bonding with your dog as it is similar to petting your dog. The nubs in the glove are gentle enough that they can provide a gentle massage for your dog as your hand moves over his fur. It can be very soothing to your dog in general but can provide great comfort to a nervous or unsure dog. Whereas using a big, bulky hard-bristled or wire brush could be harsh and be a source of tension for a dog. Thus making the grooming time unpleasant and something to avoid.


Everyone likes a well-built dependable product. The Pet Grooming Glove is stitched for durability. The nubs are strong. Of course, one must take reasonable precaution as it is not indestructible. Use common sense in regards to puppies who may want to nibble on the glove during the process and if it’s left lying around.


You can expect to pay anywhere from $6 – $25 for a pet grooming glove. While most are comparable some of the cheaper priced ones can fall apart more easily. The lower-priced gloves tend to be the “One-size-fits-most.” Many of the higher-priced gloves that I researched boasted a better pattern on the palm to better get those tough to reach spots on your dog.  Some claimed to be a “bathing and grooming glove.” The higher-priced gloves also offer a better fitting glove, more fitted like a glove you might wear with your favorite fall coat. They also come in different colors.

Pros and Cons

Both styles of gloves have received a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. Customers have raved about the ease of use and the amount of hair that it picked up. Some marveled at the change in the demeanor of their dog during grooming time. The dog was much more relaxed and didn’t run from the glove as they did from the brush previously used. Several people mentioned having used the Furminator but expressed the issue of their pet not liking it on their stomach as well as it being a bit tricky around bony parts like elbows and hips. With the glove, they were able to move smoothly over these areas.

Only 14% of the reviews were negative. As I have found quite often in my research many negative reviews are due to user error or lack of proper research. A few people reported that the glove didn’t pick up any hair. One reported that it didn’t work to comb out her dog’s matted hair. Another said that the nubs were too short for her dog’s hair. Another reported that the gloves didn’t fit.


I bought a pair of these gloves for my foster dog, but they arrived after she left. After publishing this article I have taken in another foster. He is a short-haired Chihuahua/Jack Russel Terrier mix. He loves being pet so I showed him the glove and let him sniff it and be bored with it. Then I put it on and when his back was turned to me I began petting him with the glove on. I decided not to “go at him” with this strange thing on my hand. He loved it. The massage/scratch was heaven to him. He’s very short and the grass rubs his belly. This glove is perfect for brushing the debris from his belly. At first, there wasn’t much hair, but as I continued to brush more and more and more hair came.




I peeled it off the glove with relative ease. I found that using a damp paper towel helped to clean the few stragglers left behind. No, not all hairs were trapped in the glove. A few renegade hairs jumped down to the floor. That’s to be expected unless you are using a vacuum to brush your dog. If you’ve already read this article I wanted to make this amendment to say that I love this glove. It is definitely worth trying. Oh, by the way, I didn’t find the glove really helpful in cleaning the hair off of my sweatshirt. There just wasn’t enough hair to pick up with the glove. However, a great way to get the hair off of your shirt is with a piece of tape. It works great.


Think About It

Let’s think about some things logically. First of all, be assured you can count on me to present both sides of the complaint. Second, if you want a quality product you have to do your homework. What do I mean? You will have to find answers to those important questions (that I have answered for you here, about this product): How does the product work? Will it work in every situation? What do other people think about this product?

Let’s address the first issue – “It doesn’t pick up hair.” This product doesn’t catch hair as well on short-haired dogs as it does on dogs with longer hair. “The glove didn’t get the matted hair out.” The Pet Grooming Glove is not designed to deal with matted hair. In fact, my research told me that it is best to deal with the matted hair first then brushing regularly with this glove will keep the hair from matting. There are some manufacturers that make gloves specifically for long-haired dogs and gloves for the shorter hair dogs. You have to look for those manufacturers. “The glove didn’t fit.” Some manufacturers sell the “One-size fits most” while others sell various sizes. You will have to keep clicking until you find that glove that comes in different sizes. Also, please pay attention to whether that seller accepts returns or not. It would not make for a pleasant experience to not like a product and then not be able to return it.

The Pet Grooming Glove May Be Just What You Need

Once you’ve answered those questions to find out which glove is the right fit for you, then you can make your decision to buy or not. If you have a general need then you may want to go with the less expensive version. If your dog’s hair is long and thick then maybe you should consider the slightly more expensive version. Below I have linked both the short-haired glove and the glove I think is better suited for longer haired dogs. If you are an Amazon Prime member then you can get it delivered to you free the next day.  I am including a link to manufacturers who offer a pair of gloves instead of just the right or left. They also offer a 30-DAY HASSLE-FREE REFUND.

If you are interested in checking out The Pet Grooming Glove for the average user click here.

If you are interested in checking out what I think is the better choice Pet Grooming Glove for long-haired dogs click here.


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